Product Photography

We take photographs of products geared towards sales.
We take care of every last detail of the composition, lighting and creativity to give life to pictures that stand out and make the difference between a “pretty” picture and a professional photo. We have our own studio in Barcelona but we can go anywhere in Spain, especially if it is to photograph large products that are difficult to transport or are of high value. We deliver the photos in high resolution and ready to go online immediately.
Included in our services are product cropping, shadows and illuminations of filling, white background, transparent or of colours, according to demand. We retouch pictures so the product always looks perfect and flawless.
Optionally, we can provide the art direction for your photos.
Give us your products, tell us your story, your dreams and your commercial goals. We work with a team of trusted stylists and designers to create the perfect atmosphere and ideal setting for the photographed objects to come to life and so they are ready to appear in trend magazines, Instagram and Pinterest profiles, videos, etc.